Sunday, December 7, 2014

An "UnOfficial" Nana/Lucas Day

We were way overdue to have an
official Nana/Lucas Day...
so when I got a call from longtime friend, Kim,
telling me that her daughter was in the play,
Aladdin, Jr., directed by the great Jim Pignato,
I knew this was a date night I couldn't pass up!
(although I am declaring it an "un-official" day
because when Jess realized what a fun time it was going to be,
she crashed the!)
First stop was a favorite eatery from my
Putnam days...La Hacienda...
where Lucas gave me a lesson on the correct way to eat
chips and salsa...
Then over to the theater to enjoy the show...
which was absolutely fantastic.
Every production that I have seen from that director had a
WOW factor...and Aladdin, Jr. did not disappoint.
Lucas sat on the edge of my lap the entire play,
literally mesmerized.
When asked after the play who was his favorite character...
his immediate response was "Princess Jasmine!"
No need to wonder why...

First crush, maybe?!
just like my Nana/Hope Days,
we closed the place down...
But now for
 the icing on the cake,
or, in this case, I should say
the pecans on the sundae...
Lucas' first trip to a Dairy Queen....
You would have thought it was
ChristmasMorning, DisneyWorld, & a PonyRide
all rolled into one!
The excitement was palpable
with even the young cashier asking...
"Uh, is this his first Dairy Queen experience?!!"
Yes, ma'am, it is...

He was sent over to pay for the order by himself,

and he was so excited when he realized he just paid for his blizzard,
when he turned around,
he did a vertical leap of joy with the thumbs up sign...
(he's inches above the ground!)
love this kid!!....

Cheers, Buddy... 

here's to many more
Nana/Lucas Days in the future!


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