Monday, September 9, 2013

Animal Planet...Florida Version

Yesterday, I had an encounter with a banana spider's web.

I have a 4' black racer who has taken up residence at the bottom of my stairs.
     (I'll try to get his pic, but he is called "racer" for a reason :)

These two creatures gave me flashbacks to animal encounters over the years...

And once again, I think?, Christa may be the winner with the most encounters. 
 Although Michelle does win in the "Most Snakes Caught" category.  And Rachel has won in the
"Yes, I had Yellowjackets Crawl Up my Jeans" category.  Jessica, of course, wins in the "Looking Most Dignified with Lizards as Earrings" category.  All the girls are equal in the "Had a Paynes Prairie Alligator Hiss at Me" category.   And I, naturally, win in the "Lost-Frantic-Scary Bull Encounter" and the "Stand-Off With a Water Moccasin at the Clothes Line" categories.

But I do believe Christa wins for the most Categories:
 ~"Leapt Over a Rattlesnake on the Path" (not intentionally...thought it was a stick)
~"Leapt Over a Coral Snake in the Garage" (also not intentionally...thought it was a belt)
~"Caught a Wild Bird With Bare Hands"
~"Caught Another Wild Bird With Bare Hands"
      (That's two wild birds... I still don't know how that was possible.)
~"Chased Around a Ford Pick-Up Truck By an Angry Goose"
     (at least 4x's by a very angry goose just inches away... neck outstretched and wings flapping -  both the goose and  
~"Gets Pecked Regularly by an Angry Rooster"
~"Rode a Runaway Horse With No Saddle or Bridle"
~"Swam with Barracudas and Learned That it is Possible to Scream Through a Snorkel."
~"Stung by a Scorpion"
   and, of course, the....
~"Hurry!! Pull Off My Jeans!! I have a Spider Hiding in My Crotch Seam!!"` category!

Between all of us, we have covered quite a few wildlife categories... I think we missed out on our chance of our own reality show!

Hmmmm... maybe not.   We can always recreate the scenes!

Now, just to come up with a good title!!


1st Amendment to this post:
      Jessica thinks she is a contender... along with the Lizard as Earrings win, she did win the following categories:
~"Getting Bucked Off Two Horses Without Even Being in a Rodeo" category.   (one time in the midst of a herd of cows!)
~"Got Bitten by an Angry Goose"  (had a nasty bruise for awhile to earn this award!)

I now declare myself the winner after this encounter...
2nd Amendment to this post:
~"Had a cottonmouth rear back ready to strike, but didn't" category.   Was a guardian angel involved...oh yes, I believe so!  It's a miracle he didn't strike.   I was close enough to literally see down its throat...yep, white as cotton...  So, Christa, I take the title away from you :)


3rd Amendment to this post:
Now I certainly declare myself the official winner as I won the
~"Chased Off an Alligator (Twice) With a Pool Noodle" category!!

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