Monday, September 30, 2013

A Gift To Me

The title to this post has a dual meaning...
one is obvious...
the other, you have to see at the end!
The obvious...
I had a weekend visit from some very special people...

Joey (in from England). Jamie. Katherine. Joanna. Me.

 Jim. Karla. the Twins.
who, even though time and distance keeps us apart,
each time we are together is very, very special...
a gift!

Now these two...
 kept the weekend quite entertaining,
and I should have followed them around with a tape recorder.
Their comments over the weekend could have been
a blog by itself without any other commentary from me.
There was one statement by one of these twins that I was determined to prove false...
Jamie's..."I never smile showing my teeth!"
(and if you scan the pictures...he was holding his ground!)
Joanna, on the other hand, declared...
"I always smile showing me teeth!"
And being true to her word, every time, she sure did.
I even tried to catch Jamie unawares
shooting from the hip...
But he had a sixth sense...
it didn't work.
Joanna had a sense that the camera was pointing her way,
and she was ready!
Then departure time came..
one more shot at the car before loading up.
and then it happened...
....those pearly whites were flashed
just for a moment
just for me.
What a sweet gift!


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