Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So Pleasant an Effect on the Feelings

"There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on,
and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings,
as now in October."
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

It's happening.
A breeze in the air pushing the humidity
to some unknown place.
This past weekend came with a prediction of our first
fall-ish temperatures!
And that only means one thing...
throw a backpack in the car and see where I wind up.

First stop was to see a little buddy
and ask if he wants to go gallivanting.
His reaction...

"Oh Yeah. I'm in"

So we jump in the car and start the journey eastward,
stopping at only one estate sale
 because the day was just too beautiful 
to spend indoors in any fashion. 
We meandered past the ruins of Bulow Creek Sugar Plantation
(a photo shoot there in the near future for sure),
then drove east over one of my favorite bridges in Florida
that landed us at quaint Flagler Beach
where we grabbed a leisurely lunch on A1A...

and enjoyed the beautiful autumn breeze...

One of the great things about Florida and Fall is that
the water temperature is still warm enough for this,
 Lucas dipping his toes in the Atlantic for the first time...
A mixed reaction from the boy, but he was definately all about the sand that day.

After our trek to get our feet wet in the ocean,
and dropping off Jess & Lucas,
I turned due west

to get close to Gainesville for a big game,
and to watch the Gators with some other die hard fans...
(Despite the orange/blue hair,  Mitchell's quote..."I'm really not into football!"
He wanted his face to show this sentiment...I think he pulled it off!)

Even though, sadly, the Gators lost,
watching with friends and a Gator-Girl who made the trip out from Gainesville,
made the loss more bearable.

And it didn't hurt that the next morning I was pampered with
a homemade breakfast
and a cup hand-picked for me
and filled with....

Well, by now I needed to head East again,
but not before a short pit stop
to have a spot of tea on this lovely porch with this lovely lady
and take in the sights of nature in north central Fl that I love so much...
Thanks for that apple pie, Melanie!  You reminded me why homemade baking is worth it!!

And every fall, I am so pleasantly surprised by the
profusion of wildflowers that line our county roads...

...that are taking me home!

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Leslie said...

i love your road trips :)

(on a visit to my mom yesterday i showed her this post - she adored the photos of lucas!)