Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Momentous Occasion

On May 3, 2009 Christa donned her cap and gown and strolled across the floor of the O'Connell Center. (Wasn't it just a blink of an eye ago when she was sitting in her homeschool desk agitating her sisters!?!)

Twenty plus years of schooling have come to an end, but seeing as it's called a "commencement" ceremony, a whole new life will be starting for Christa. And I really don't know who was feeling more proud...Christa or me, but she sure was beaming throughout!

A joyful look on her face turned to a frown when she realized that I didn't have my camera and she saw me taking a picture of her on my cellphone :) Moments later I received a text..."How do you not have your camera on the MOST important day of my life!" Notice that it really wasn't a question. ( And thanks, Peter, for having yours on saved me from hearing about it for the rest of my life!)

The beaming continues.....

We couldn't pass up a pose in "the swamp"!

A celebration afterwards with

family and friends was the icing on

the cake.

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ladydee said...

Big huggs and kisses from all of us here in Joisey wishing Christa a big CONGRATS:)