Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hey Hope,

You'll be here soon.


And here's a short, little

The Farmer's Market
at the pier!

We'll check out the jewelry...

and listen to some good music.

We'll buy some honey
produced by
Interlachen bees!
How cool is that?!

We'll definately have a
New Jersey style
lemon ice...

that we'll enjoy under the pier
to get a break from the heat...

And we'll absolutely walk through the
splash park...

on our way back to the car
with some yummy produce in our basket
to make a feast for the
rest of the fam!

I can't wait!!


Peggy Ward said...

Deb! What a beautiful blog! I love it - so crisp and creative.

Beth said...

I definitely need to learn how to enjoy the little things from you - you are my hero!!! Do you take on hopeless students?? :)

Angie Gaylord said...

Deb, you are just the coolest! I love reading your blogs - they give me a warm smile. You just have the neatest ideas & think of things in such a different way. You are the ultimate mom!

Leslie said...

looks like a little girl is about to have a whole lot of fun (oh, and her granddaughter, too ;)