Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Perils of Being a Wedding Photographer in Florida...

Don't worry...
they were more afraid of us
than we were of them

My words to the bride & groom...
"Watch my back!"

And you would think we were out
in the wilds of Florida!
This beautiful wedding was held
on the UF campus!
Now you know why their logo/mascot is


Mallard Nest said...

I think wedding photographers have enough to worry about and alligators shouldn't be one of them!
I am so proud of you taking pictures and I hope you continue to capture priceless moments!

Emily Young said...

Love that last photo.. he looks like a dinosaur. Gators fascinate and creep me out at the same time! :)

Leslie said...

glad you came out with all your limbs intact ;)

Debbie D. said...

Emily, I totally agree with you in the fascination/creep feelings!