Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Grandmas Say the Darnest Things"

Christa has a friend named Lyndsay.
Lyndsay has a fiancee named Ryan.
Ryan has an eighty-five year old grandmother.

And here is Lyndsay's recent text to Christa...
"So Ryan's grandmother looked at a picture of you and me in bikinis

and said it was a good picture of me and Ryan.
I don't know if you look like Ryan
or Ryan looks like a girl in a bikini :-/  "

And here is Christa's response
to Lyndsay's text...

Well, my eighty-five year old grandmother
thought Robert and Peter
(my sister's husband)
were brothers.

Hmmm...I think I do see the resemblence...if you look hard enough

Gotta love it!


sherry said...
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sherry said...

lol...that IS funny...didn't get it when I first read the omment on fb...but with the