Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday(s) Weekend!

This past weekend, we celebrated not only my b-day,
but Charlie's, Michelle's, and Robert's!
And there was a consensus that out to the beach
 we would go for our celebration.
Since Mish and Charlie brought their kayak with them,
 we decided to head to the intracoastal side instead of the ocean side. 
 To "paradise"...

At the mouth of the Matanzas. 
On the other side of that bridge is the ocean.

Who is missing here?!?  Rach!
We missed you and Ethan :(

Charlie w/an unseen Hope
and Christa and Robert off exploring

Heading to the water, getting ready for volleyball
(and you already heard the story that went along with that!)

Peter right before the volleyball game,
and he had his ring on :)

I thought this guy gobbled the ring,
he had a guilty look about him!

You're a good sport, Robert!

Charlie, Christa, and Hope kayaking with a mama and her baby!

Robert looking to the heavens, pleading...
"Please, no more pictures!!"

And then he created a cloud design in the sand
for Christa that went quite a ways down the beach :)

And this was our "Happy Dance" after finding the ring
and celebrating our fun in the sun.


ladydee said...

I really really wished I was there with you all to celebrate:(.....looks like you all had a great time :) all the pictures makes me feel like I was there:)
Happy Birthday..Happy Anniversary..and a Happy Engagement to all :) you all:)

I LOVE that last pic :)

Leslie said...

The "Happy Dance" photo is my favorite.