Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smokin' D's

I'm NOT a bar-b-que person.
Or is it barbecue

THAT being said...
Smokin' D's
on the corner of 206 and Rt. 1

I can rarely drive by without stopping in and buying something with their
Alabama sauce on it!
(And it doesn't hurt that the owner's son, Cameron, always addresses me
as Darlin' when I stop by :)

(And it, also, doesn't hurt that playing in     the background is the best mix
of blues around)

My family and friends who have had the chance to also partake of the
smokehouse chicken, ribs, pork, brisket or turkey
along with "bodacious baked beans" (the best), or
"southern yellow rice" (yummm) or "mouth-watern' cole slaw" (my mouth is watering)
feel the same about these delectable delights!
Sometimes I question their motive for making their way over to St. A...
visiting me or stopping by for some of the best BBQ in existence.

Smokin' Daryl taking a constant stream of orders during lunch
(he refers to Christa as "high maintenance"... I wonder why?!     hee-hee)

A normal sight - local work crews stopping by for lunch, which is a sure sign of a good eatery.
(A couple of the guys were wondering about my motive for taking their pic - thus, no faces LOL)

And here's Bob keeping an
eye on the smoker.

From their menu after a reference to various means of
guessing how much meat they need for the day...
"After which we rub our butts (the shoulder, silly)..."

Their hours are "Open When We're Smokin'"

Yummmm.........                                      One happy porker.......

They only have outside dining...

and if there's not room there, then you have...

and nostalgia is all around...

So, if you find yourself in the area known as
 Dupont Center
be sure to stop by Smokin' D's
and tell them Debbie, the lover of Alabama Sauce, sent you.
You won't be disappointed!

(As a side note:
it is believed the word "barbeque" is derived from the
Timucua Indians
who lived in my neck of the woods
of Florida.
[and I choose the phrase
"neck of the woods"
because it sounds more bar-b-que-ish])

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ladydee said...

YUMMY!!!...Love this blog and how you write..I keep telling need to find a job in adverstising for St. Augustine tourism...I would love to have seen the faces on those guys when you were taking how about a lunch date in August... :)