Friday, April 9, 2010


Ethan's mother is a sender of cards. 
 And what a gift that is. 
  Receiving a pastel colored envelope on occasion  amidst the junk mail and bills. 
Not only is she a diligent deliverer of sweet sentiment,
but her complimentary closing is always...
(having a liking or affection for)

Once again, what a gift...
It warms the heart
to know you are being thought of

So today, family and friends,
know that I am thinking of each of you.
I like you
I am fond of you!
You enrich my life.
The world (my world)
is a better place because of you
I pray for blessings
in each of your lives.

This is my card to you
(minus the colorful envelope, sad to say, and the sweet surprise of arrival in the mail)



1 comment:

ladydee said...

I am very FOND of you too and I am always thinking of you too..luv ya, Donna XOXOXO