Thursday, October 8, 2009

"I'm With the Band"

Amazingly, my mom was game for another outing. So after some lipstick application and a little blush, off we went to see what was happening on St. George Street in the historic district. We found a welcoming porch at Pizzalley's (Piz-zal-ley's) where we enjoyed some manicotti and sweet music by Native Tongue.
Here's Little Miss Social with Michael and Woody from the band. They told her they want to see her back, and she threatened to take over the drums.
And what's better after some Italian food in my mom's estimation than Dairy Queen. (I was pushing the tiramisu.) So off to DQ we go, and of all of the selection available, all she wanted was a small vanilla cone. But she enjoyed it to the last drop.

We drove a couple blocks over to the carousel to sit a while and eat our cones.

Our local firefighter....
I've been threatening my mom that if she didn't get out of the house, I would call over our local firemen to carry her out of my place. She lifted her eyebrows at that thought to show that wasn't a bad idea :) As we were driving past the firehouse on the way home, this young guy was sitting outside. I told Mom "there's the fireman I would have come to carry you down". So she said "well, turn around and tell him!" LOL, a fun ending to our night.


Anonymous said...

What a fun outing - I'm so glad you're enjoying the time with your mom. And how sweet that so many people chimed in to help make it special for her! Now I want an ice cream cone....thanks for sharing your day with us!

ladydee said...

Mommy is looking really good...and she looks like she is having a good time:)..I know she must have been getting a big kick out of the fireman and the guys in the band...she is a big flirt!