Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My mom has been here since the middle of July. Well, after some physical therapy and with MUCH coaxing over the past month and a half, I finally got her out of the house. (Rachel, I needed you to do her bun!) So off we went to see some of the sights of St. Augustine and to visit some of her favorite places from years gone by.

The first stop was to see the Lighthouse. We can see the light at night from my porch, and I told her when we got out we would go to see it....although I couldn't get her to attempt the 260+ stairs to the top.
From the lighthouse we just basically drove across the street to Salt Run where Rae and I had gone kayaking. The couple in the top right were going out in their kayak to fish. Mom wanted to wait until they started off then she was expecting a wave good-by from them. So we shouted a "good luck" out to them and they turned to give us a wave. For some reason, this gave her a big kick :)

Then a quick stop at the "world famous" Oasis.
This is a place we would always have to stop at on her Fla visits. We'd sit upstairs, have a bite, and listen to some live music.
Then finally to our destination...South Beach Grille, one of my favorite stops, and I knew there wouldn't be any stairs for her to manipulate.

And here is one of the main objects of bribery to get her out...Little Neck Steamers. Yummmm!

Also, she decided to have a "cold one" to celebrate a special day....

....which is Jimmy's birthday. (her oldest child!) Here she is on the phone with Jim, greeting him with a "Happy Birthday" and telling him that we were out celebrating on his behalf.

A shrimper that was out a distance in the ocean gave her some entertainment. It kept coming closer to shore then back out, but always stayed within sight during our whole meal. She thought they had to be somewhat confused going back and forth that way.

There's always a kind soul at the next table willing to play photographer!

We were getting a laugh over her trying to close the door for herself. After a few attempts, I gave in and gave her a hand.

And here is why she is so reluctant to leave....her Mt. Everest, the stairs to my place. But she didn't do too bad. I had her stop for some rests on the way up. After one stop she looked at me and asked, "What's wrong, are YOU tired?!?" This comment cracked her up. She is totally one who enjoys her own "jokes"!


ladydee said...

WOOHOO she finally made it out...so happy to see and it looks like she enjoyed herself..and that last comment about laughing at her own jokes...Hmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like somebody I know!LOL

Sherry said...

we so have to get together....you're mom seems like a real whippersnapper- would love to meet and have a beer with her. Love all the places you like...South Beach Grill. a favorite! And we'd love to go kayaking..only been a couple times..but do need a boat. We WILL be in touch! now I just need a cool name to sign off, like ladydee.