Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm sitting somewhere in the middle of South Carolina. In a Denny's which happens to have wi-fi. And I just happen to have my spanking brand new Dell laptop with me. I've joined the world of traveling techies.....only the real techies are traveling with their small little I-pods, and I'm lugging around my 6 lb. Dell.

But, to get to my title....gypsy. I'm on this road trip to meet Donna and Ron in North Carolina for the "hand-off" of my mom from them to me. Ron says he feels like he's dealing in human contraband. She is nestled in the back of their van wrapped up in blankets and surrounded by pillows. If they were pulled over and someone gave a casual glance to the back of their van, she could be totally overlooked. But she's comfy and warm, and on her first long trip in years.

Which leads me again to the "gypsy" word. I love road trips.....and I remember my mom loving them also. Perhaps we have a little gypsy somewhere in our background. Jump in the car and no telling where our destination would be.....the Poconos, Jersey Shore, "The Island". Short little junkets, but remember, this was the time before interstates.

Even this trip doesn't have a distinct stopping point at this time. I'm traveling north on 95, and the Reales are traveling south. And somewhere in the wonderful state of North Carolina our paths will cross.

So stay tuned for the return trip when I'll have my mom as a traveling companion. Who knows where we will wind up!

Back on the road for me....just waiting on my tea to go!

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