Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Jessica

"Showers" of gifts came to Jessica as she and Peter prepare for their wedding this July! Christa once again proved her talent as a hostess and, along with the help of the other bridesmaids, gave a wonderful shower. Jessica's colors are white/black/blush pink and the cake that Peter's mom provided had a touch of each. I'm still wondering, though, how in the world do you create black icing?!?

The "bride to be" had a great time the whole day through. And now that so much of the planning has been taken care of, she now has the chance to get truly excited. She's counting the days.

Jessica is in mid-story here based around a game "How Well do you Know Jessica/Peter". She's describing her most heroic moment when she dived off of a pontoon boat as a child in order to save a beach towel.
Christa and Hope pairing up on the "How well do you know..." game. Some heavy competition going on!
One of my gifts was a "Welcome" sign made of individual letters that I photographed from their favorite street in the historic district of St. Augustine, St. George St. The "m" is from the church where they will be married, and the "c" is from the hotel where they will be spending their first night, and the "l" is the side of a bench that they claim as their own.
As you can see, guests were quite generous in their gift giving. What a wonderful way to start a marriage. Showers are a great tradition.
This was a gift that quite embarrassed Jessica. She was reluctant to show it with the moms in the room :)
Me with my two "granddaughters".....Hope and Bria. I'm not sure how Hope feels with sharing the title with a dog, but fortunately she's an animal lover.
"All the Single Ladies"....that means you, Christa. Here she is lamenting the fact that she is the only Digi girl with no ring on her finger. Just as it should be! :)
All four girls were together for a few days......their intermingled of the very best sounds in the world!
The end of the night Peter showed up with a sweet kiss for a sweet bride-to-be.


ladydee said...

awwwwwwwww looks like it was a great shower, wish I could have been there..I love that welcome sign, that is so beautiful and creative. Love seeing all the pictures and seeing all the girls together laughing and smiling is great:)

Anonymous said...

What a treat, having all of your girls together. You are one lucky mama! Thanks for sharing such a joyous day with us!

Lisa and Erik said...

So glad you posted. So fun to see Hope and Michelle.