Monday, March 16, 2009


The space shuttle, Discovery, took off from Cape Canaveral last night. It was right at dusk, but the ship was catching and reflecting the rays of the setting sun, thus the golden glow. Always an awesome sight to see, but it's especially quite a sight a night. Christa was able to see it from her balcony in Gainesville, and Jess watched it from her yard in Jax.
My camera couldn't capture it, but you could actually see the boosters drop off of the shuttle. There was much oohing and ahhing amongst the crowd.

There is an area right down from my condo known as "the point". It's where a tributary comes in off the intracoastal, and it's the best place to view the shuttle launches. It was here that fellow condo-dwellers watched the final glimpses of the Discovery in the night sky.

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Mallard Nest said...

That is so amazing! I am so glad you have such a great view.