Monday, March 9, 2009


I have no idea how to add text to my pictures, nor how to add as many pictures as I want...but any way.....I finished the hike! I'll try to figure this blogging with pictures out when I'm less tired.

But to explain the pictures: The 206 bridge to Crescent Beach was the first thing we saw when we emerged from the woods; the baby eaglets!; this woman was 70 and I thought she was in her late 50's; the gopher tortoise can stop a building project if their burrow is on site; and since I made the 5 mile hike, I treated my self to some local bar-b-que!

Here we have two baby eaglets...the highlight of
the hike.


Mallard Nest said...

Baby Eagles!!!! That is awesome!!!! So cool mom, I am so glad you went! Can't wait to hear about another one.

ladydee said...

Mmmmmmmm now that is a hike I might try..ending in a

Jamie was looking at the pics with me and he said that wasn't a woman in the picture but a teenager!