Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Photojournalist with a Worthy Message

As we saw in the last post,
Livia has taken an interest in photography.
And, apparently, in just a very short time,
she has decided upon a genre...

the art or practice of communicating news by photographs.

It turns out Livi is concerned with our carbon footprint on the world,
she has a message to send,

and she as chosen to send that mssage...

through images!

This career started with her most
professional, barely 4-year-old-voice,
"Nana, can I use your camers?"
(I was tempted to correct her grammar, but didn't want to
stifle the moment in any way...I saw she was on a mission!)

She partnered this past weekend with help share their message...

"To satisfy appetites with healthy fare.
To build support for local farms.
To insure animals are humanely treated.
And to create a ripple effect on community,
environment and family.
We believe in the power of good food.
To make the world a better place.
One plate at a time."

I have seen that Liv has an underlying element of discovery
in her brand of photography, such as the gardener in the photo above
or the "Where is Livi?!?" in the photo below...

...and she has mastered the art of lens flare...

She ended her session with
some personal touches...

as you can see,
Christa is quite excited about Livi's message
while Lucas seems to still be on the fence.

Although she did capture him
honing his talents for his future career,

purposefully and excitedly took this shot...

Livi, "Nana's cup!"

(Sorry, Root and Pecker! I really just went there
for their tea!)

Great job, Livi!
A great message well sent!

Has National Geographic been in touch yet!?!

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