Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Here's to January

Do you read the prologue of a new book, the acknowledgements, the dedication page?  I do.  To me, it adds to the anticipation of what's to come.....the words on the pages of the chapters that complete the story.

That's what January is to me ~ the prologue of the next book in life.  Resolutions are entertained and perhaps decided upon, goals are made, it has an air of freshness.
It is a New Year!  
What is it going to hold?!?! 
In past years, history has proven that it's not always good.....we may come away with scars, both physical and emotional....but history has also proven that difficult times are always survivable and healing takes place. 

Because of this...
...and these...

I thank God for being my foundation...I bask in the joy of my family...My friends are pillars.
The trifecta of life.
All elements of my book.

So here's to January and the year to come...
the anticipation is rising!

By the way,
here's the last book I read...

and its dedication...

to hope!

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Leslie said...

Yes! Here's to hope, always. Love you and your spirit. Glad you are my friend.❤