Thursday, June 4, 2015

The VICTORY Was...well....a Victory

"Mimi and Nana's Adventure Tours"

With four little ones in tow,
all under the age of four,
we knew
would be a big hit.
And it was!
This is a great hour-plus scenic ride starting at the city marina,
traveling up the Matanzas River, around the St. Augustine Inlet,
and then down Salt Run.
It goes under the Bridge of Lions,
and from almost every turn, you can glimpse
our beloved lighthouse, which seemed to be the kids' favorite.
Throughout the ride,
 one of them would excitedly shout out "I see the lighthouse!"

                                                                                                                                                                                      (Picture credit-Sherry)
and all heads would turn.
During the ride, you see a beautiful view of the historic district skyline,
 and I can't forget to mention that we
coast pass Sherry's Vilano.

Did I mention that St. John's County residents are half price
and kids under four are free!
                                          going under the Bridge of Lions
                                          Spotting the fort...
                                          "A pirate ship!"

It was an adventure I'm sure we will recreate!

Post boat ride,
thank you "Monkey Ball"
for being so entertaining while we waited for our food...
no money!

And this reminds me why I could NEVER EVER
be a professional child photographer...

even with an assistant...

 What a wonderful time that was had by all
and, as a bonus,
 home in time for naps!







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