Thursday, February 12, 2015

Celebrating Livi

Celebrating life is that spoonful of sugar that makes the sun shine each and every day.  And celebrating birthdays amplifies that sugarness....And celebrating a two year old's birthday.... well, that just makes the sunshine radiate out from our fingertips spreading the brightness all around.  That's the magic of what a two-year-old does to us...makes the world a bright, happy place!  And, Livi, that is what you do for us!!

Happy Birthday,
Sweet Princess!!

Your mom has described you well..."sweet, smart, thoughtful, tough, determined, independent, beautiful little princess who loves to sing and perform for us all day long. She impresses me every day and I know that she is going to go far in life with her strong determination."

And even in your Princess dress, you meander through the woods to find deer prints!  (A girl after my own heart :)  So I would add "inquisitive explorer"...

Celebrating you, Dear Girl, and thank you for the sunshine you bring into our lives...

Sweet Livi,
may you always fly high...


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