Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Hummingbird Story

I think I want to turn into that
person who
walks the nature trails with a
pair of binoculars around their neck and a
Nat Geo guide in their back pocket.)

I've finally decided on a favorite bird.
it. was. hard.
 a kite or a spoonbill or a hawk or a robin, etc, etc, etc.

there were a couple of instances that
helped tip the scales.

First this,
a note from Rachel...
(I love this story of the hummingbird, and some legends, I believe, are true!
And thank you, Rae, for this lovely compliment!)

And then this happened...
Michelle's story,
 but I don't mind living vicariously through others
(right, Diana, as you trail ride through the mountains of Wyoming!)

In Mish's words,
"Saved a hummingbird who wore himself out in our garage.
 He couldn't figure out how to get through the door.  We left it open for him.
Poor guy was so tired I was able to hold him for 30 minutes.
Our awesome neighbors had fresh food
and soon he was feeling well enough to fly into the nearest tree.
His name is Henry."

Michelle got to hold and feed a hummingbird.
I count it a very, very special treat if I even get to see one!
Look at how comfortable he looks in her hand!
How very special!
 (If you look closely at the first picture, you can see his tongue reaching for nectar)

Googling birds and Native Americans, I found this...
 are viewed very positively in most Native American tribes. They are associated with beauty, harmony, industriousness, and integrity. In legends, Hummingbird is often portrayed as a healer who helps people in need, and sometimes plays the important mythological role of fire-bringer."
My goodness, some lessons to be learned from this
tiny, fragile bird!

So there you have it-
one major decision in life made...
 you are my favorite!

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