Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We now have a three year old
 as a part of our family!
           (note to party planners for 3yr olds....NO NOISEMAKERS allowed!!!)...

With that comes the joy
of experiencing life through his eyes,
his observations,
listening to his funny quotes,
following his lead on adventures,
and enjoying his spontaneity,
such as...
"Nana, let's dance to this song!!!"
as we're trying to unpack the #486th moving box out of
ten and a half million.
I never turn down that request.
(Apparently, the boy thinks I can dance!)



love surrounds you
from near...

...and far...

 "Happy Birthday to my sweet, adorable nephew, Lucas!  Please tell him we love and miss him. Wish we could be there to celebrate the big 3!" ~Michelle
"Happy Birthday to a super cool guy! You always make me smile, Lucas! I hope you have a fun-filled birthday celebration!" ~Rachel
"Birthday hugs and kisses from all of us here in Jersey...we can't believe how big you are getting...we love you and miss you, sweet lil Lucas <3 em=""> ~Donna
"Happy Birthday to Prince Charming!!! With each day passing you are more adorable, no clue how that is even possible.  I wish you tons of fun today celebrating your 3rd birthday (2 already, where has the time gone??!!??) ~Czyna (Germany)

Well, lil' roughandtumble Boy,

I'm gonna pretend that you're doing an
Irish jig here...
even though I really know you're
showing off your warrior stance
after opening up a superhero shield...lol!
After all, the jig goes with your
shamrock necktie that you chose to wear
instead of the rockstar outfit your mom picked out...lol!
Maybe it's time to turn you on to some Irish rock...


we thank God for you
and look forward to seeing the path He has laid out for you..


Many adventures lie ahead!
Happy 3rd Birthday!

We are your Groupies!!!

p.s.  in case you're wondering where the
Little Princess is,
she slept through the whole party!


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