Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For the Love of....Clover!

I'm a lover...
of weeds, apparently!
Give me a
field of clover,
and I'm a happy camper

       (bouquet compliments of Lucas)

Even Lucas has caught the weed fever.
A few days after we lamented the
mowers with a mower mowing
down our clover,
I get an excited call from Lucas..."NANA, NANA, come here. QUICK!"
and I rush out to the porch.
(I think we may have done an Irish jig in celebration)




has a way of
 bringing people together...


Where else would the Easter
 "rabbit" lay its "eggs"
(somebody explain that please!?!)
than in a bed of 

CLOVER... rabbit!... knows the joy that a clover patch brings...!

Our cardinal even
stops by to compliment our field


Why else would he be chirping such a happy song?!
(ok, maybe the food under his feet has something to do with it,
Iut I'm sure the clover adds to his happiness!)
The moral of the story:
if you have these "weeds" growing in your lawn,
let them be...let them thrive.
They just might inspire a blog!

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