Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spontaneity and Discovery

Came out of my room
 one foggy (both my mind and outside) morning anticipating my coffee.
Lucas was at the dining room table coloring on a piece of paper.
While my coffee perked,
I took the piece of artwork,
attached some colorful hair bands
intending to hang it from the knob of my dresser.

Lucas didn't see wall art.
He instantly saw a kite.
(Perspective is everything, right?)
Kite meant outside.
And, taking after his Aunt Christa,
immediacy was the key.
as in
"Let's go outside now, Nana!
With my kite!"
He hasn't grasped the concept of morning coffee yet.
However, I have no regrets in following the
spontaneity of a young boy...

The added bonus to this time of morning...
the Grass Spider webs scattered around.
To touch? or not to touch?...
that is the question  
Curiosity wins!

 A bit of trivia...
these webs are virtually non-sticky,
these spiders will eat their web
in order to recycle the silk,
 and when touched

the web magically disappears

"Hey, where did it go?!?"
No frantic flailing of arms at unseen fibers here! 

now lead the way back home, Lucas,

 to my awaiting
pot of
and I'll sip away as I listen to a
2 year old's version
as he tells his
mom about the morning's venture.

A great way to start the day!


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Leslie said...

I think this is my favorite of your posts, so far! I would have loved to share that morning walk with both of you, but this is the next best thing :)