Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jayce, The Healer and Teacher of Lessons

Today was the day I watched my daughter
 give birth to her son
as her husband lovingly, compassionately and sweetly
coached her through the process.
Their son...
who is already experiencing the
reality of God's kingdom.
And as I lay here tonight,
wanting to commemorate Jayce's life on this blog...
contemplating how to formulate into words
all that he has meant to us to this point,
I decided to check FB one more time
to read the sincere heartfelt messages sent
by so many loved ones.
And there I found the commemoration...
already written so eloquently by Charlie.
So it's only fitting to share his words here also...
"In life most people try and live by a certain set of values,
 codes or another word for guidelines that lead us to how we act,
what we believe in and other choices that often reflect in the way our lives play out.
I know that I have a set I was raised with,
which has grown by being in the military and fine tuned with the great people
I have had the opportunity to work with,
go to church with, or some other way positively impacted my life.
Most of the values are applied in three aspects: God, work and family.
I try to be the same person, (like a great friend and boss once told me) at home, work and Walmart.
I am sure that most of us have similar thoughts.
However, I must say that if I find myself weak in one of these areas, it is often family.
I would like to say I don't know why, but I do.
It's because they are the ones I am most comfortable with.
I have an expectation that they will understand.
I have time to explain and ask for forgiveness when I act in a way I would not otherwise act like.
I don't think this is very often, but it does happen.
Why do I mention this? 
Because I want to encourage you to not take those closest to you for granted.
Hold them close this holiday season.

 I was reminded today how quickly life can change.
 My nephew passed away in delivery. His parents are awesome people.
They would have (and one day will) make amazing parents.
But as I watched this process take place, and the tears flowed,
 I looked at my wife and daughter in a new way.
They are the most important people in my life by far. They do so much for me.
But I at times take them for granted.
This story is not unique to me or whoever is reading this.
We all know of people who are taken from this earth faster then anyone expected.
It is for that reason that I encourage you to let the little things go.
Use the values that guide you through success in the workplace and with friends in your own house. Take the time to love like there is no tomorrow, because you never know.
I pray tonight that God bless each of you this Christmas.
I encourage you to forget the gifts. Put down the turkey leg. Turn off the football game for a second. Grab those true presents in your life around the neck and give them an extended hug and kiss.
Jayce, I love you.
Thank you for teaching me a lesson in love. You will be missed."
Sweet Jayce,
we all love you!
Thank you for teaching us all!


Leslie said...

Writing my "amen" to this, through my tears.

sherry said...

Beautifully written. My heart aches with yours but I also understand the joy, love and hope that such a short-lived life can bring. Love to you all.

feminist writer said...

I cried, reading this. So sorry for your loss.