Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Month of Jean!

Christa Jean
that is.
Christa believes in celebrating the
instead of the
(Personally, I thought she would grow out of that
as she "matured".... but oh no, on the contrary...sorry, Robert!)
As she said the other day,
"I LOVE November,
it's my favorite month!
The month I was born,
Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday,
and now I felt Jayce move for the first time!"
We found out last Tuesday that
Robert and Christa are having a boy!
[none of us knew until the box was opened if the baby was a boy or girl]
Team Green.
(Sidenote:  I ran in to their apartment to pick up the
decorated box to have it filled with the appropriate color balloons...
lime green for boy. deep purple for girl.
And Robert was frantically ironing his lime green shirt...
"I haven't worn this shirt for years! But I have to represent Team Green!"
Not to let Team Purple go unrepresented, Christa hurried
and put on a purple tank top...lol)

I have a feeling you may
have a new favorite month
in the near future...

The month of
Jayce's birth!
In the meantime,
Happy November!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Such a darling couple. I hope Christa has a WONDERFUL birthday MONTH!