Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Princess Di

graduated this past week
with her Bachelors,

with honors!
 we are so proud of her.
She's worked hard
and long
and diligently.
Semister after semister.
And on May 3rd,
she received her reward!
             I LOVE this pic... see how far ahead she has her hand reaching out for that diploma!!

She had her fan club
show up
cheering her on...

....and as Christa said at one point during the ceremony,
"This gets me teary-eyed!"
She spoke for us all!
Of course,
we had some celebrating to do

Celebrating you, Princess Di!
Because we're all so happy for your accomplishment!


There's just one lonely pic
from the following day's celebration
at Caps on the Water...
(this graduation warranted
TWO celebrations!)

...but it's a pic worth posting
because it's with our two Princesses...
Diana and Livia...

Yes, Diana, you have to share that crown!

And now,
for my own Irish Blessing...
may God go before you
as you step into
this next chapter of
your life,
may there be a rainbow
after every rain,
a burst of glorious sun
after ever storm,
may balloons follow you everywhere,
and may you
be on the
threshold of your
next.  big.  promotion!

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