Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beauty in the World

Some moments in life happen all to infrequently.
But when they do,
oh, how sweet they are.
For instance, when
Halley's Comet makes its grand appearance,
punch-hole clouds form in the sky,
a double rainbow is glimpsed,
all four DiGiovanni girls are in the same state at the same time.
(Sidenote: a double rainbow was glimpsed simultaneously when all the girls were under my roof!!)

Then life is sweeter than normal.

And all of the beauty in the world is heightened.
The sky more blue.
The summer rain more refreshing.
The food more tasty. (Christa, this one's for you..lol)

It's safe to say,
there is no place in the world that I would rather be
than in the company of my girls and their men and their kids and their animals.

Listening to their mingled laughter.
Needing nothing more than a deck of cards and teaspoons for a night of entertainment.
Taking a stroll at sunset to walk the dogs.
Jumping in the pool with a 1 year old and an "almost" 13 year old.
Catching up on life since we saw each other last.
Living in the moment.
Making memories.
Experiencing beauty....


Leslie said...

and you express this joy so eloquently...

sherry said...

Beautiful Debbie!