Monday, March 26, 2012

2 Lo's = 1 High

I had a short, but sweet, visit from the 2 Lo's this weekend. 
 They were off for a father/son weekend
and stopped by my place for a place to lay their heads on Sat. night.  

That gave me some Nana/Lil'Lo time with a now 6 year old!

We had some snack making time...
since he's 6 and a boy (I'm sterotyping here),
I expected to come along behind him and clean up a mess.

Not so!

Look at how carefully he's filling those mini-muffin tins.
Not a drop of batter outside of the cup!

We had some heavy competition going on
with Talking Bingo.

Can you guess who the ultimate winner was?

I got to observe some sweet father/son time...

Helping Dad with Scrabble

Reading like a pro

Like Father, Like Son

So, Little Angelo,
I'm going to practice up on my Bingo skills
and I won't let that look of concentration intimidate me!
No, I won't!!
(well, maybe a little)

Watch out, World!
This boy is

A triple threat coming your way!

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