Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sherry's Vilano

Sherry made a trek back to NE FL
where she made sure to schedule in a time
to visit "her" beloved Vilano....

Quote, "Here is my beach..."

"and my morning glorys"

"and my driftwood!!"

(Sidenote:  back in 2010, Sherry, with her cohorts, conspired and attempted to unearth,
 under the cover of night,
the above pictured driftwood;
 Sherry's the flashlight
(photos stolen from Sherry's fb page)

We shared some laughs...

before heading back to the cars...

but not before she claimed
a beach cottage
as her very own!...
(picture snapped quickly and we made our getaway before the real owners showed their

Fun times,
 and thanks for sharing
your beach, Sherry!


Leslie said...

ahhh, i know just how she feels - after only a week at the beach i'm hating to be land-locked again...

sherry said...

love it deb...and it is MINE...take care of it for me till I come back in Sept will ya? Thanks for the day!

Beth said...

I was so thrilled when I discovered Vilano - little did I know Sherry had also claimed it! Thanks for sharing, as always. Looks like you ladies had fun...

I'll be back in a week - save an hour or two for me so we can catch up, and start a new chapter in our frienship! xoxo