Tuesday, November 9, 2010

12 Weeks and Having a Good Day!

Jessica is following in my footsteps with morning sickness. 
 But today was a good day so we decided to take advantage of that. 
 And ice cream was in order, so Flagler Beach, here we come...
Yay! for good days, and ice cream, and an ocean!


Leslie said...

Yay for good days! Did Jessica make that gorgeous pattern in the sand? My fave photo is #3.

Emily Young said...

What flavor of ice cream was it?

I love the sand pattern, too : )

Debbie D. said...

Leslie, We found the pattern in the sand :)

Emily, the ice cream actually is made in St. Pete! The flavor has some fancy name but mostly coffee!
We both loved it.

Mallard Nest said...

I am so glad that Jessica was feeling better and you both had time together! Picture number 3 was my favorite too! I love the pattern too, but I knew that you guys found it! I can't wait to try that ice cream!