Sunday, June 20, 2010

"And How Would You Like Your Toast?"

I probably would have gone my whole life without someone asking me that question.
But I spent this weekend over at the Morris's with Nick and Mitchell,
and my little 10-year old friend, Mitchell, decided he was going to make me breakfast.
Eggs over easy and toast.
And I was asked to decide.... "crispy or extra-crispy?" on the toast.

Crispy was the choice so Mitchell carefully adjusted the temperature.

So now I'm spoiled...
the next time I go out to breakfast
I'll hope my waiter takes such care to detail
and is concerned about how I'd like my bread toasted!

enjoying the fruit of his labor

Mitchell spent a good part of the weekend trying to coax
his new pet into a photo didn't work.
 I did wake up this morning to her sleeping on my legs
 and if my camera was within reach,
I would have snapped a shot behind my back.
Missed opportunity as she was an elusive one when the camera came out.

Nick had some friends over and they took some time to ponder life...

And then Nick (who had lasagna waiting for me when I arrived Friday!) 
pacified me with a photo shoot...

So after a weekend of "hanging with the boys"
I made my way home
to this delightful surprise 
left behind by some other little friends visiting from Ft. Myers....

So thanks, Kayla, David and Tara!
You bought a smile to my face!

Well, after this weekend surrounded by young people special to me,
 I found myself
walking around my place
 and singing...
"my heart overflows with the good things!"


Leslie said...

So sweet. Glad your heart was overflowing. I'm praying for provision and direction for all your needs.

Emily Young said...

What a sweet story. (I think young Michael should consider a career as a chef!)

Mallard Nest said...

I never thought of it before, but I think I would have to say crispy! Awesome artwork! I love how you love the little things! Love you!

Leslie said...

Debbie, you are a MASTER ENCOURAGER. Thanks so much for your incredibly sweet comments on my new blog. (And I haven't thought of "Savor the Sound of Light" in a long time!)

I'm still praying for you. May God grant you joy today, dear Deb.