Sunday, February 21, 2010

Come Spend the Day with Me....

so we can visit
the Atlantic
to sit and ponder life,

and then make our way
to a yummy brunch

at O.C. White's,
to sit in the courtyard while the
guitarist strums his tunes

We can then stroll the less crowded streets
of the oldest city
of our country

to window shop
the many galleries

and wonder what is behind
the mysterious doors

We can peek into
a variety of private gardens

and celebrate the nations

especially the land
of pastries

where we can play dominoes

as the Stevie Wonder cat
keeps his eyes on us

We can search for whimsy
and follow its advice

and find the best
bumper sticker of the day...
and follow its advice

or stop for a chat with

as we listen to the
carillon on King Street

And we can end our time
with a spectaclar sunset,
wishing that the day would never end


Harmony and Eric Lenasbunt said...

yes please! miss you ms deb.

Mallard Nest said...

I am on the next flight!!!! Great pictures mom!!! You should finish the cards and get them in stores! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Deb! Reminds me why I like that town so much, and ask why I left. Thanks for sharing a wonderful day!

ladydee said...

what cool pictures....Do you have a room for me?...I wanna come live in St. Augustine:)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful journey. I feel relaxed just reading it!

Leslie said...

I loved this. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry said...

Debbie... I will! I will! When the weather gets nice lets just do this! Call me!!!!!!!!